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Quick HOWTO; Puppet installation and basic configuration

About Puppet

Puppet is open source configuration management tool . Other open source CM systems are Chef and CFEngine. Two main components of puppet are
Puppet MasterPuppet AgentPuppet programs are called “manifests,” and they use the .pp file extension . 

Resources are the fundamental unit for modeling system configurations. Each resource describes some aspect of a system, like a service that must be running or a package that must be installed. The block of Puppet code that describes a resource is called a resource declaration which describes a desired state for one resource.

Installing Puppet Master.

Step 1:   The newest versions of Puppet can be installed from 
               theyum.puppetlabs.compackage repository. To enable the repository,  run the                          below command. Once repository is enabled ,  install puppetmaster.

  # sudo rpm -ivh