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Configuring Nagios to monitor services using NRPE

In my first blog on nagios configuration Configuring Nagios to monitor localhost ,we had seen how to configure nagios to monitor services on localhost. Now,we will see further how to configure nagios to monitor services on remote host.

Active and Passive Checks
Nagios provides few addons to monitor services on remote hosts. Some of the popular add-ons are 1) NCSA and 2)NRPE
Also it provides two types of checks to monitor services on a remote host.  Active Check and Passive Check: Let's see what are active and passive checks with respect to Nagios.

Active Checks:  Active checks are the most common method for monitoring hosts and services.It is initiated by the monitoring server or in other words the Nagios server. When Nagios needs to check the status of a host or service it will execute a plugin and pass the information about what needs to be checked. The plugin will then check the operational state of the host or service and report the results back to the Nagios daemon. Nagios will…