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Compiling Linux 2.6 kernel from source

In my last post , we had seen how to upgrade the Linux kernel  using YUM . We had seen how cool it is to upgrade the kernel by executing only one step, if we use YUM . In this article , we will see how to upgrade the Linux kernel by compiling the kernel from source . As said earlier , upgrading the Linux Kernel by compiling from source is always a difficult task if we are doing for the first time . But if we follow the steps carefully and select the proper options , then we can successfully compile the kernel and it is always a geeky feeling after that . Lets now start with the task .

Before we start with the compilation ,we first need to download the source . Get the latest stable kernel source from As of writing , the latest stable kernel version is 

Compiling  Linux Kernel 2.6 

1.  sudo tar jxvf linux-  -C /usr/src/kernels/

Initially extract the kernel package under /usr/src/kernels/  directory .  This directory contains the various kernels  t…