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How to identify whether a device is IPMI enabled or not in Linux

I posted earlier here how to use ipmitool  to monitor and troubleshoot hardware issues as another medium besides looking at the system log file. Sometimes there might be some hardare issues like system reboot/hung system where we may find no clue in the system log file , but ipmitool  can provide some clues in its System Event Log (SEL) to help identify a potential hardware issue . We have identified many production issues in our environment where no trace could be found in system log file , but ipmitool pointing out that we are having some bad hardware .

But to use ipmitool , we need to check first whether my systemboard has  support for IPMI. Old
system-boards might not support IPMI technology .

Using dmidecode tool to identify IPMI Support

We can use dmidecode to check whether a particular device is an IPMI enabled device .  The following example shows this ..

-bash-3.00$ sudo dmidecode | grep -A 6 -i ipmi
IPMI Device Information
    Interface Type: KCS (Keyboard Control Style)