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Checking Memory usage using free command

Linux uses it's memory in a very efficient way . Here I am not going to write on memory management in Linux , but would try to understand how to view the memory usage in a Linux box. Linux will always try to use free RAM for caching stuff, so "free" will report almost always very low free memory . We have the free command as a reporting tool for memory usage . Let us now look at the output of free command .

-bash-3.00$ free -m
                     total        used        free     shared     buffers     cached
Mem:           2007       1902        105          0          150           761
-/+ buffers/cache:        990       1016
Swap:         1963          0       1963

Initially was having the understanding that the free column in the above output gives me the free memory in my box and my box is really low in memory. But this is not exactly the case. We will see how .

Interpreting output of free Command:

Let's now understand the headers from the output of the above comman…